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mark said in March 28th, 2009 at 8:49 pm    

I agree. Do consumers really not know that one can find PCs at lower prices than Macs?

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter for two reasons. One, Snow Leopard (OS 10.6) will be out soon and I think it’ll make a huge difference in speed. Two, the platform that will be replacing PCs for many people is already here – it’s iPhone, and Windows Mobile is nowhere near competitive.

TooCool said in March 29th, 2009 at 7:15 am    

metroxing, you are right and I haven’t seen other sites state as clearly as you have here that MS has dissed its hardware makers in trying to directly address Apple.

Lessons I take from the ad: (1) The Apple Store is the first place to go when you want to buy a computer. (2) If you can afford them, Apple is clearly the way to go. (3) If you have money for a premium computer, (whether Apple, Vaio, Adamo, or the like) you are cool. (4) If you have to buy HP you aren

Aragorn_Strider said in March 29th, 2009 at 11:32 am    

Here’s an interesting alternative take — from Microsoft itself …

“As you start looking closer at mice on the shelf, you’ll spot the
price tags. You might see a well-known mouse with a price of $79,
and a brand you’ve never heard of with a tag of $39. If the lesser-
known brand is Microsoft-compatible, why should you fork out
the extra $40 for a mouse you’ve seen before?

“Brooks says Microsoft uses high-quality components that raise the
price but make a Microsoft mouse worth the extra cash. …

“… Brooks say the costs of Microsoft’s sophisticated product
testing and customer support systems are also passed on …

“Scott Schulte, a product line manager at Logitech, also says you
can’t cut corners on price without giving up quality. You can be
sure the higher price of a popular mouse accompanies higher

That’s very interesting to hear Microsoft, actuality admit to.

Aragorn Strider

GQuinne said in April 10th, 2009 at 12:15 am    

You ask “A solid selling point for MS & Windows – but how do PC makers who spend millions/hundreds of million on branding feel about this?”

Simple. They likely feel like they should spend their *own* buck to build their brand, and should be happy that Microsoft is helping to shore up the image of the PC in general. After all, even if they *are* miffed by the message here, its not like they can just say, “Screw it, we’re switching to Macs!” Apple doesn’t let anyone else build machines that might even be *mistaken* as Macs (see the Hackintosh fiasco.) So PC manufacturers can either fall in line with Microsoft, or…switch to *Nix.

Now, I’m not knocking *nix. But your average computer user sure has no idea what the hell to do with a *nix machine, or where to buy software for it, or why to use that over a PC or a Mac. Not to mention the total lack of advertising dollars spent to familiarize people with *nix.

Plus, HP is getting free adspace with this commercial. There’s a certain truth to the adage that there is “no such thing as bad press.”

So the PC makers have three choices. Switch to *nix (or Android, which, with Google’s weight behind it, might actually not be such a bad idea), suck it up and build their brands with their own dollars, or retool their factories in order to mass produce a Cylon army whose mission it will be to give all the uptight Mac owners wedgies.

By that, I mean all Mac owners who are uptight, and in no way intend to imply that all Mac owners ARE uptight.

To put it again, clearly,
IF(Mac Owner)=True
THEN(IF (Uptight)=TRUE)
ELSE End()


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